Is Weston, Ohio haunted?

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Is Weston, Ohio haunted?

Post  frogpyre on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:46 am

Is Weston, Ohio haunted? I'd also like to know if there are Indian burial grounds in the area... specifically Kiel Rd.

I'm starting to get nervous... I'm in the process of buying a house in that area. Once while my boyfriend and I were out there checking on it, a man pulled into the driveway. First he seemed aggravated that I was in the process of purchasing the house, then he changed his story and told us that the property was an old Indian burial ground and that the house is haunted. The house is a manufactured home built in 2001 but I don't know the history of the property. The guy also told us that a couple used to live there that were friends of his... He claims that the woman would become crazy at night because of the spirit in the house and she would try to murder the husband. She supposedly had to be hospitalized (mental).

We have done some research and got nowhere as to whether it's a burial ground, but I found out that one of the last owners passed away when he had a heart attack on the front porch. My realtor told us no one died in the house (perhaps outside or on the porch does not count?)

We checked on the house again today. My boyfriend thought he saw a shadow run behind the car; I saw nothing. Everything appeared undisturbed. After we left, we were both looking at the side and back view of the house from the highway. He saw nothing strange, but I am unsure of what I saw. I tell myself it was a glare from a window, but it appeared to be someone standing in the
gazebo... We had seen a couple orbs in pictures of the house. They are white or light colored orbs.

Does anyone know anything about the area or have any advice? Thank you...


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